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The NJ SAT fest Tournament is to be held on Sunday August 27th!

All participants 16 years and older must register with NJ Saltwater Registry. Registration is free! You can register at:
NJDEP | NJ Saltwater Recreational Registry Program

• You must show your Salt Water registry card if asked! If you do not have it then you are disqualified!.

• On the day of the tournament you will need to check in at the The Senior Center for our pre-meeting (17th & Simpson Avenue) 5:30AM

• Participants must read and acknowledge all rules BEFORE entering the tournament.

There will be no refunds on any tickets bought for any reason so make sure that you understand the rules of the event before buying an entry into the tournament!

• Tournament tickets ARE limited so make sure to get your ticket as soon as possible!

The Rules

  1. 1. The fishing portion of this contest is from 7am until 2pm all fish caught before or after this time will not be registered in the tournament!

  2. 2. Only one fish can be submitted Fluke, Striped Bass, or Blue Fish The Fluke and Striped Bass must meet regulations and the Bluefish must be at least 15 inches to enter!

    • o Subject to change Striped Bass — one (1) fish @ 28 to <38 in

    • o Summer Flounder — one (1) fish @ 17in-17.99in OR one (1) fish @ >18 in

    • o Bluefish — one(1) fish @ >15 in

    • o One fish per person makes it harder to win because you have to make the decision no different than throwing your money down on black or red, it's the angler's choice what fish to register but you can only register ONE fish!

  3. 3. All fish are measured. Length determines winner, not weight. No fish can be iced prior to measuring. In the event of a tie, the first fish entered by time and measured is the winner.

  4. 4. Participants must be present to claim any prizes during this event. Each contestant will have a number and a member sheet.

  5. 5. All anglers must sign an affidavit attesting to the authenticity and method of catch prior to entering their catch.

  6. 6. All participants shall stay with the IN BOUNDS line while fishing! Going Out of Bounds will disqualify you.

  7. 7. Fish caught from any boat, surfboard or other floating device will not be eligible, and will disqualify you from the tournament.

  8. 8. Terminal tackle will be limited to 2 hooks. A plug counts as 1 hook.

  9. 9. Individuals are limited to 2 rods while fishing.

  10. 10. Abide by current circle hook regulations.

  11. 11. Only one fish per person,will be eligible!

  12. 12. If a Striped Bass is caught with a non circle hook it cannot be entered as a qualifying fish. You cannot use plugs and or lures.

  13. 13. Judges have the right to check all tackle and bags at any time during the tournament!

  14. 14. At all times in the tournament you must fish for yourself and yourself only, if you are caught maintaining a pole that is not yours you will be disqualified!

  15. 15. You are not allowed to share fishing poles, your poles are yours to use only., 2 poles per person

  16. 16. All fish must be ALIVE at time of measurement by a qualified judge. You cannot live line a fish to keep it alive while you fish for a bigger fish.

  17. 17. A physical altercation is immediate grounds for disqualification no exceptions.

  18. 18. Any judge has the right to disqualify or not register a fish if they deem it to be “suspicious”.

  19. 19. All anglers who enter a fish must be present at the weigh in at the music pier for possibly 2nd 3rd and 4th place giveaways!

  20. 20. All participants agree to be subject to a Lie Detector Test. The winner of the tournament will have to take the test 2 weeks after the tournament is over and also must comply with all of the media requirements before payment is given. Winner will recieve full payment on October 14th after the results and media requirements are met.